e-Steps, solution at your feet

"Everything that can be measured can be improved"
William Thomas Kelvin

estepse-Steps is an innovative company,

that develops High-Tech solutions for lower limbs 

in the sports and medical fields

To medical

We create telerehabilitation solutions for the person, starting from the analysis of foot activity. In this way the patient has remote support for diagnosis, consultation and rehabilitation. Doctor can monitor his patient and convene him In case of alert.




To Sports

We are creating smart sports shoes to improve your sports performance.


Research & Development

Always ready to welcome and evaluate new collaborative projects, thanks to our network of Advisors and collaborators from the scientific and academic world

Our Technology

Our innovation and priority lies in the development of customized and
sustainable products, providing the devices of their own life, thanks to a
technology patented by our team.


Who supported us

@eSteps 2020

Startup accredited by the University of Bologna

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