Some advice to feel better in everyday life

We collected some people who has been Multiple Sclerosis diagnosed advice about how to make the route more pleasant as they shared with us what are the major worries of their situation. In this article our purpose is to group some of these advice so whoever is interested in uncommon way to feel better or just curious about trying new things can take inspiration.

One of the simplest exercise to instantaneously feel good is to breathe. This practice is more ancient than we can thought, at first sight it can seems banal to say something like that but what we are referring to obviously is not just the every-moment breathe, we want to talk about the Breathworking practice. Many of the ancient cultures and religions like Buddhism, Taoism, martial arts, Hinduism et cetera, speak about how powerful breath-centered practices are. The point is all about feeling in peace with the present moment, through inspiration we can visualize all the positivity entering in our body, through exhalation we eliminate negativity and stagnant thoughts, so it become easier to accept even the harder aspects of reality and deal with them with a more confident attitude. If you want to go deeper on this topic you can read this:

Talking about ancient practices it’s impossible to not mention the art of meditation. It’s not rare to hear about Jesus doing meditation to become more aware on a spiritual level. To meditate means to sit down with your own mind and learn to control it in order to avoid that sense of chaos that sometimes we feel with ourselves, especially in difficult time when emotions can be rough and confusing. When we lose contact with the surrounding world, when it’s just too hard to look inward and find home, when no one seems to understand the mess in our head, there’s no other solution but taking a break with meditation. National Multiple Sclerosis Society wrote an article about this:

Do you ever feel like you do not want to get up from bed or couch but, at the same moment, you feel guilty because you think you should in some way be productive? Or else, you know that annoying feeling when you would like to move your body, but you can feel no energy? In these cases, the perfect solution is to do some yoga. Slow movement accompanied by controlled breathing can be a blessing for our physics and mental health, it help us to reconnect with our barycenter, so that in every situation life put us through we can always feel safe in our foundations. It’s a beautiful way to shake out your days. Here is a testimoniance:

There several type of these practices based on different kind of techniques, so that everyone can find the perfect one for what he or she need or want in that moment. The internet is full of tutorial video and articles so it’s very easy to start, there are also a lot of online courses with qualified teachers, you just have to pick one, turn on your computer and relax.

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