Nice to meet you, we are eSteps Health

ESteps Health is an italo-american start-up working on early monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis symptoms through a non-visible device. Our work is rooted in the believe that everyone is connected, so taking care of other people is indirectly taking care of ourselves, if you think about it. Consequently, we are in continuous research of what is better for people who rely on us to implement our service, making the experience satisfactory and fulfilling the expectative. Specifically, our device is designed to be comfortable and practical, the collected information are monitored by doctors through dashboard, the aim is to maintain a constant update of the inner state of the patient in order to predict eventually up an downs in the disease.

Thinking about our product means thinking about how it can be as much as possible aligned with the needs of the users. That’s why we send questionnaires in our newsletter, furthermore we interviewed some diagnosed with MS people and specialist, and we make ourselves available to interview anyone who is interested in share their story and their advice with us and, with their permission, to publish it on our site for anyone who need support or just want to understand more about this disease.

Working hard is one of our characteristics, as you can see in our logo: there is an ant. The ant is the symbol of working for something bigger. We do not know the concept of “comfort zone” because we are in constant change and develop as the world is a dynamic place, we want to reflect this never-stop process and continuously transform in the best we can.

Our team has the energy of an adolescent, who want to grow and evolve, but we also like to compare ourselves to the wisdom of a grandmother, always there for the family and always being supporting. That’s what we built with our everyday work and confrontation and in particular what we want to give back in the society as we are interested in making life more enjoyable in spite of the many difficulties life put us through.

Our solid ideals go hand in hand with our effort, so we are not afraid to affirm that we are with you in every step you take.

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